My name is Jeanette and I’m a 32 years old latte crazy wife and mother of three who lives in a small town in Sweden. Been married since 2014, but been together with my husband for almost 17 years :) We have three kids in the age of 14,7 and 1. I work full time and on top of that, we are renovating our home which we bought in June 2014.

When I don’t spend my time with my family, I do like to blog, both writing and read on other blogs. I like watching movies and series while I drink wine or of course lattes. I like to spend time on social media and also watching Booktubers (Youtubers who talk about books). But my main interest is reading and books


Latte and a Book is my new lovely space where I can share my new found passion in books. Cause yes, it’s nothing I’ve been enjoying from when I was a kid like many other readers and book lovers out there :) I’ve been reading through the years, but I haven’t actually felt before that reading is something I really want to find time doing. It has never been a priority in my life…before now.

As a mother to three kids in different ages, having a full-time job and have a busy life in general. I just knew I needed to find something that can help me find some peace and which can help me relax when I need it. In January 2017, yes…this year I decided that I want to start read again. Pick up a book and actually make time to read, which I haven’t done in a long time. I’ve been reading, like magazines, blog posts and on the internet and stuff like that. But not a real book. So in January, I did and I started to read and purchase books!

Best decision I could make for myself. 

Love to sit down and read a book. It’s really helping me to relax and forget those worries I may have that time and now reading has been a priority in my life. And purchase books has become more fun than clothes *haha* I love to read book reviews, spending time on Goodreads and add books to my TBR (To Be Read) list. It’s become a new and fun hobby of mine.

As a blogger for a long time, I just knew I needed to start my own book blog as well and that’s how Latte and a Book was created. This is a blog where I am able to write what I absolutely enjoy. Giving book recommendations, give an insight of upcoming books and new releases and also writing and share my own thoughts on the books I have been reading.

Another thing besides of books, I truly enjoy Creative Planning. It’s what I call it when it comes to planners and for being a stationery addict and have a love for planner supplies :) It’s so fun to decorate, coloring and make it pretty. This is my way of being creative and it is also very relaxing.

I’m welcoming you, grab a cup of latte/coffee or tea if you are more of a tea drinker and enjoy this  blog. My mission is to inspire you to find your way to find some peace and be relaxed  

I do read books in exchange for reviews from authors and I am interested in receive planner supplies to review and show on the blog. For contact and more info, please go to the CONTACT PAGE.

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