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    Creative Planning: The Happy Planner

    I have tried using Kikki.K Leather Personal Planner, Day Designer and Simply Yours Day Planner and the Bullet Journal system in a dotted notebook. These planners are gorgeous and I do like them, but I’ve had a hard time to find the right way to use them so they can fit my needs.

    In May when I saw The Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas, I was stunned and felt that this is right, this planner must be the right thing for me. I searched about Happy Planners on Pinterest and I watched videos on Youtube before I took the step by ordering one for myself.

    Lucky me I found this great Swedish web shop which has a lot of supplies from Create 365 The Happy Planner, cause often the shipping cost is more than the actual product if I would order it from the USA. So I was very happy for that and you can say it’s my favorite web shop right now :)

    Let’s do a small tour in The Happy Planner, so you can get an idea of why I really enjoy this planner. 


    I chose this floral covered planner with blue discs and it’s very pretty. Actual, I wanted another one that was newly released but that one was out of stock. They do have it now though, but I’m happy with this one right now.

    This is an example on how it looks before each monthly calendar pages. A nice page where you can write down Important Dates, Birthdays, Remember Notes and list the month Top Three. And before the monthly view, there are beautiful covers and like this one for November is so pretty. Love it ♥


    This is the monthly spread and its room for writing down important things you may know that will take place or events or something like that. You have a sidebar for a list you need to write down, notes or more space for lovely stickers perhaps :) I truly love these different printed quotes that the planner has on each monthly page in the sidebar.

    I haven’t used the monthly spread that much, yet. I will take a closer look and see if I can find some ideas.

    The Happy Planner weekly spread looks like this in my planner and I really love the layout with these boxes. But if you prefer the horizontal layout, Me and My Big Ideas do have horizontal Happy Planners as well :)

    As you can see, the month has the same color theme and it’s the same for each month but with different colors. really like how colorful Happy Planners are!


    The thing with The Happy Planner is that you can do so much with it, you can expand it and add pages of your choice and make it very personal and make it fit ALL your needs. Well, I think so anyway. I can fit all my planning needs in it anyway :)

    I did some Bullet Journaling before I got this planner and I really like the idea of having different trackers and making lists. But I was struggling with doing all those weekly spreads and it took time to draw everything, so that’s why I went back to a planner instead. But with this planner, I can do both and I think that is amazing and now I can have both planner and the bullet journal system in one place.

    So far I’ve done lists, like different TBR lists of books, Blog ideas, Movies I want to watch and a Thankful page where I do some small doodles and write what I feel thankful for. There are so many different trackers you can have, so I bet I will add more later on :)

    I tried to find a free dot page template, but couldn’t find a good one. So I searched on Etsy and found one printable specific for The Happy Planner for a very small fee. It came with three different dot styles, stars, crosses and hearts. So far I’m using the cross style.

    A closer look at the discs. I think they are very pretty and I love how easy you could move around pages and remove a page from the planner.

    When I decorate my weekly spreads, I pull off the pages and can easier do the decorating with stickers and washi tape and when I’m done I can easily put the pages back on the discs. I think most people who have The Happy Planner do this :)

    You can buy discs separately if you want to change it up with another color and there are expandable discs as well.

    This planner does come with a lot of different options for you to make it…yours. You can buy different covers and dividers too and other fun accessories.

    I hope you found this post a little helpful. Now I am curious to know what planner you use and if you do have an idea on how I can use the monthly spread, you are welcome to comment and give any tips you have :)

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    Creative Planning, Weekly Spread

    Creative Planning: Weekly Spread 7-13 August

    A small change is going to happen on Latte and a Book from now on. Hope you will like it and think it’s a good change :)

    I am adding a new category called Creative Planning, which is another interest I have besides of books. It is planners, decorate with stickers, doodling, colors, pictures and of course, plan my days ♥

    I know there are a great planner community and love being part of that and I want to share my creative side as well with you and others who love planners and planning, so I want to add this category on my blog too.

    I am starting my official first Creative Planning post by showing a weekly spread.


    This is my planner spread for this week and my choice was to go with pastel colors like pink, green, yellow and turquoise. I like the color theme for August, so I just went for it and match with more pastels.

    I am still on my vacation and my days are not that busy as you can see :) I didn’t want to go overboard with stickers and I did keep a lot of white space, So I can fill it up with text if needed as the days go. Or maybe do some doodling later!

    I really love the idea of adding pictures in the weekly spread, like memory keeping and document with both pictures and text. I saw the idea on Youtube on the channel for The Happy Planner and I think the idea is awesome :) I do take a lot of pictures for Instagram and the blog, so why not print it out and add it in my planner as well. The image I’ve added so far is the current book I am reading, FANGIRL :)

    I haven’t decided if I should do it like a weekly thing, by showing my current book that I am reading. We will see.

    Love peppy quotes, so it’s a must for me and two quotes I put on for this week was: Now is the new Later and Live Life with a Full & Happy Heart.

    Yes, this it is…my spread for this week. I really hope you like the idea of me adding this new topic on the blog and I will, of course, try to balance my book and planner posts and the plan I want to try is to post 2 book posts and 1-2 planner posts a week. Looking forward to expanding a little and share my other interest with you, planners and stationery supplies ♥

    Tomorrow I will share a closer look at the planner I am using, so if it sounds interesting…stay tuned :)

    Do you like the idea of the category Creative Planning? Do you use planners?


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