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    Cover Reveal for Ghosted by Kristine Schwartz

    I am so happy to be one of the persons who can spread the word and be part of the book cover reveal of this book Ghosted, the 1st book in My Shattered Soul Saga which will be released this fall on October 12th.


    Here it is. Isn’t it beautiful :) I really like the purple and the mystery behind this cover and the book title really is appealing and something that I totally want to read.


    When Blair is thrust into an unknown realm, she must relearn everything she thought she knew. With a forgotten past, and no hope of unlocking those stolen memories, will Blair be able to discover the truth…before it’s too late?

    Will her emerald-eyed wallflower be able to shield her heart and soul? Or will she be doomed to repeat a past she can’t remember?


    Kristine Schwartz didn’t always know she wanted to be a writer, but what she did know was that she adored books. From a very young age, she would escape her schoolyard bullies by devouring books at an alarming rate, because who could fear a simple bully when you’ve read the perils of an alien race with the hope of using the entire population of the world as their host subjects? A bully can’t really compete with that, can they?

    With a love of books fully developed at such a young age, it would only make sense for that love to grow and blossom into something more. And in her early adult years, Kristine once again would find an escape in reading as she faced many complications due to a depression which seemed to have no end in sight. Using her love of reading, she found a love of reviewing books for indie authors, wanting nothing more than to help those who had made it their purpose to create the works of art she had claimed as her passion.

    Of course from there, it didn’t take long for her passion to grow further, and a love of the very words that created a novel became her passion as she began helping authors polish their words into perfection. But something was still missing as she edited many manuscripts to publication perfection, and she’d only discover what that was as she attempted a feat she thought impossible for so long.

    Kristine realized her dream as she breathed life into her first novel, which eventually took on a life of its own and became the first book within a five book series. Ghosted, the first book in the My Shattered Soul Saga, is due to be published in 2017 and falls neatly into the Paranormal Fantasy genre. With one book finished, and the next in progress, you can expect more amazing stories to come.



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